Writing is Hard

An untitled document looming large over a freaked out person

Writing is hard. The scope, structure, and style of every written document differs for each topic, making it an unknown quantity every time. This makes it hard task to approach for the writer, and readers never know what to expect.

Making non-writers write long documents is always a gamble because they are probably not good writers. They would probably prefer to be doing what they're great at, and their teammates would probably prefer that too.

When anyone writes something, it comes with their worldview and their biases (Knowledge is Personal), Telephone Game)

And once this hard work is done, the documented information will immediately begin to diverge from reality. (Hitting a Moving Target)

What if the hard work put into writing free-form documents was diverted into another task whose scope and structure was known ahead of time?
I've made a tool for teams building software that solves problems just like that. Interested?